Cryptocurrency Faucets 2021

Now that CoinPot is no longer active and the Bitcoin is at all times high, all the faucets have reduced the payouts and it’s really really hard to get to the payout levels.

So here is the list of faucets that i currently use myself every so often.


New hot trend is staking. StakeCube has 24h faucets and also allows you to stake your crypto, with all kinds of altcoin in it.


For even more staking, there are faucets, with daily payouts to your internal wallets, which you can then transfer further. If you are looking for altcoins to stake, this is one of the places. Higher payouts than StakeCuber, but the interface is shady. But very clean and without popups or clickjacking.


BetFury is a passive grinder. I don’t even need to click anything, it passively makes me some TRX, $0.01 per week, among other things, but hey.

BetFury merged their two tokens recently, and now they make more per token. and now you also have some free BNB box as well. And they keep adding new coins into the mix.


My favorite first ❤ In FaucetCrypto you accumulate points. 10–50 points per clicks and stuff. Payouts start from 1000 points in a crypto of your choice (took me like a few hours to get to 800 points after registration). 500 points per day is easily doable without breaking a sweat. Some of the payout go to FaucetPay if they are below a limit, but some go directly to your wallets, so you can get some good altcoin there. For Doge the minimum payout is enough to withdraw directly to your wallet. Same with TRON. 20 different cryptocurrencies available.

I got like 0.3 TRX right away first day (1000 points). it’s like $0.04 with current prices, but it took me a few months to manage to generate the same from BetFury passively. Here it was 1 days.


FocusGames has their internal faucets, offer walls, and daily reward in local cryptocurrency, based on TRX. You can witchdraw it once you reach level 15, which is not as hard as you might expect. Your withdrawal limit increases every level. You can withdraw FGN (local currency) directly to your TRX address.


It’s a very standard faucet system these days, but specifically Contiply seems to be growing and gaining popularity.


FaucetPay is a micropayment platform that manages many faucets. Those faucets have ratings and stuff, and FaucetPay itselt has Reward Points. 10 RP = 1 sat. so you can use them to transfer into any other currency that they have.


AutoFaucet has offer walls and short links to click where you get tokens and convert them into crypto, which can be withdrawn with a relatively low minimum. like 3 DOGE, which is not often that you see low bars like those.

Also free daily is in development and they have their own browser mining.


FireFaucet is similar to AutoFaucet, but they already have daily bonuses and so on. and their unique feature is, you get USD equivalent of the Cryptocurrency. So the payouts are in minimum of $3+ and you recalculate to crypto. and

Those seem to be under the same management. even faucet gives you the same amount in USD and then converts it into Doge and Tron respectively.

Minimum payout is $3. They have manual, auto faucets, dice, coin flips, and so on.


You activate it for 4 hours, it generates you at the moment around 100 satoshi per those 4 hours. once it’s equal 10 USDT, you can withdraw it. you click on it couple of times, after a month you get $10 of crypto, not bad for like 4 clicks a day.

You get bonuses. up to $10 if you manage to activate it enough times in 100 hours.

Multimining “Free Cloud Miner”

Similar as StormGain miner. Here you can get 60 satoshi per hour, but the other way around. You don’t get in instantly. You click the button, and it accumulates you 60 sat, you collect them after 1 hour or whenever you pick them up. somewhat reminds me of how CoinPot used to work.


Very slow but very passive generator. You register, and leave it for a month or so, next month you pick up $1 or 2. or leave it longer, pick up $5 in some cryptocurrency. You literally have to do nothing.


Ads network, so you can use it to advertise your referral links essentially for free, since they have a faucet.


I will be updating this post for 2021.

Be patient and get rich.



Mastodon: @major_crypto // BTC: 1AovRmoXXostsQSqkFRkbLTidDQHHkGN9F // Doge: D5pWyxYysmw6yGVVWk4cqWuDVoNmBckiQn

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Mastodon: @major_crypto // BTC: 1AovRmoXXostsQSqkFRkbLTidDQHHkGN9F // Doge: D5pWyxYysmw6yGVVWk4cqWuDVoNmBckiQn