Virtual Machines for crypto faucets

Cryptocurrency Faucets are still a thing, and they bring some coin. If you do it right, you can get some beer money from it without too much clicking.

Most of them ask you to disable adblock, and in the long run are rather unusable since the ads are everywhere, you don’t know where to click, and you don’t even know if they are mining in your browser or not, and just give you a few bits.

VirtualBox solution:

  • VirtualBox
  • OS of your choice (i used lightweight Ubuntu to dedicate even less resources in case some website is mining)
  • Wallet (Exodus-Electrum-Coinbase-Whatever)
  • Email (i haven’t tested protonmail for crypto, so don’t know. use whichever is fine for your country, a separate one, since it’s gonna get spammed eventually)

Example is CoinPot. I don’t know what they do on your machine and I am too lazy to check. So I decided to isolate by default by using a VM. CoinPot has the following faucets (at least as per October 2020):

Bonus Bitcoin (every 15 min)

Moon Bitcoin

Moon Dogecoin

Moon Bitcoin cash

Moon Litecoin

Moon Dashcoin

Bit Fun

On Bit Fun you don’t really have to play, some satoshi accumulates on the background. so you can withdraw some every few hours (or maybe days. i have to check).

“Moon” faucets accumulate up to about a few hours worth, so you can withdraw them once in a few hours.

Cashing out: Since it takes at least 10000 satoshi at CoinPot to withdraw, you will probably end up converting every other crypto currency into bitcoin and withdraw in one go. keep in mind currency rate. from what i’ve seen Dash and Bitcoin Cash faucets are only half as effective as the rest.

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