Zero to Crypto Hero

Lola King
2 min readNov 4, 2020

Hey everyone,

I have always wanted to get into crypto. I tried it a few times back in the day, including crypto faucets, which used to spit out 1000–5000 satoshi every 5 min. Those were good days.

Now I decided that it’s time I figure out cryptocurrency once and for all. But I will do it with a twist. From zero. Create a virtual machine with a blank operating system. No investment of traditional money. Nothing. Just some time and a pair of hands.

And here we are. With some crypto faucets, that give now 3–5–10 satoshi i managed to scrape 50 Dogecoin ($0.13 at the moment), since it has the least minimal requirement to withdraw it. The next withdraw I plan to make in Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, we’ll see.

You might argue that it would be better to work. And even just asking someone for a spare coin would bring more. But I don’t like asking for money and I like doing things myself. If you want financial independence — you have to be… independent. Right? And $0 to $0.13 is already a big step. Especially given that in the upcoming 3 days i got another 56 Dogecoin ($0.14).

So I will spend some time collecting bits of different crypto currencies. And we will go from there.

It’s not much, but with 550 Dogecoin you can start trading at the crypto exchange. And at some point you gonna have enough to invest. You think it’s a matter of cents, but after some work, who wouldn’t want have a extra few cents per hour of passive income? Especially once you start thinking that investment world 24/7, while if you work for $10 per hour, you don’t really work nearly as many hours as your investments.

Update from end of November

I got 550 dogecoin, but the price was dropping at the moment, so i had to get up to 650 dogecoin to start trading, and then the bull run started. so with trading i made extra 100 doge, so $2 turned into $2.50 in a few transactions.

Again, if you think $2.50 is not much, then think of it in % compared to $0 that i had at the beginning of this project.

Think, people!

Best to you and stay safe,

Lola King



Lola King

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