Zero to Hero: Cryptocurrency faucets that I use in 2020

I decided that I am late for the crypto hype train. But I have always been curious about cryptocurrency. And I like to challenge myself.

I list those faucets that I use.

First 50 Dogecoins I made with CoinPot, so — kudos to them. But you can use whichever you prefer. This is only my experience.


Experimental results and opinions of people in the community say that the optimal time is to claim them every 30 min, and in Bonus Bitcoin — to always claim “average” (with a checkbox under the “Claim” button), otherwise random roll is always under average.


FocusGames is a clicker faucet with TRX-based internal token. pays well. works nice. You need to get to level 15 to start withdrawing things. you get 2nd level just by claiming a daily reward of 1000 tokens (~0.03 TRX currently). Has some surveys, competitions, games, etc. You can spend all day there.

30–60 min faucets

Free XRP (Ripple)

Roll every 1 hour for some ripple, nothing complex.


Has faucet every 30 min, coupons, and pay per click. weird thing is — you need 1000 bits for the transfer minimum, which is like 20 TRX, and then you need google authenticator 2FA to withdraw. If you know how to go about it — let me know.


Same idea. Better design. Less pop ups. need to get 30 000 internal coins for the withdrawal.


Multifaucet “Free Drop” for BTC, ETH, Doge, USDT, USDC, HT, LEO and BNB of all things. Has built in passive investment.

Free Faucet

Too many coins here and free claims every 12 hours i think, but it has a Pay per click program, and surveys, and forum, and all kinds of goofy stuff going on.

Mellow Ads

One of the websites i found in the process of clicking faucets was Mellow Ads

That website has a faucet that gives some money that can be used for advertising. You cannot take them out. But… you can use them for advertising your stuff. So if you have time to click faucets, you might as well spend some time promoting either yourself, of a website with your referal links.

Because every little helps.

Gambling, Mining.

If you are a gambling person, or just want to test your luck with some free 25 satoshi (lowered to 10 satoshi as of end of November) every 20 or so minutes, following a mining pool, automatic rolls, and some passive daily income:

Even though 25 to 10 satoshi is a serious drop, given the prices on crypto these days, it’s still worth a lot. And it’s passive. Check distribution of BFG-BTC and BFG-TRX, because it goes 90% to bitcoing and 10% to tokens, while for BFG-TRX it’s the other way around. You can use it for dice-mining with 1 satoshi on auto. with 20 BFG-BTC it will be making you 13 satoshi per day of passive and some TRX, BTT, and USDT on top of that. So they want you to invest real money in it, but if you are into passive, get 20 BFG and leave it for a few months.

Thank you for being cool,

Lola King

P.S.: I update that post though 2020.



Mastodon: @major_crypto // BTC: 1AovRmoXXostsQSqkFRkbLTidDQHHkGN9F // Doge: D5pWyxYysmw6yGVVWk4cqWuDVoNmBckiQn

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Lola King

Mastodon: @major_crypto // BTC: 1AovRmoXXostsQSqkFRkbLTidDQHHkGN9F // Doge: D5pWyxYysmw6yGVVWk4cqWuDVoNmBckiQn